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    Thursday, Jul 07, 2016

    Invest In Beauty

    Did you know that the most valuable gem the world has ever seen was a pink diamond?

    The ‘Graff Pink’, a 24.78 carat Fancy Intense Pink sold at auction in 2010 for over USD $46 million. Australia unearths most of the pink diamonds in the world but still pink diamonds remain extremely rare and in turn, pretty pricey – sometimes reaching into the millions of dollars per carat.

    The Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia is the only reliable source of pink diamonds on the planet, responsible for over 90 percent of global supply. For the 30 years or so that the Argyle Mine began selling pink diamonds to the world, the price has never gone down, making them an excellent investment.

    To put in perspective how rare they are, only 1% of the diamonds coming out of the mine are gem quality and only 1% of the 1%, being a pink they could market. With the mine expected to close in 2020 it’s not surprising their price continues to rise.
    Not only popular with royal families around the globe, Blake Lively, Kate Bosworth and Mariah Carey are just a few celebrities walking around with a mesmerizing pink diamond engagement ring.

    In addition to pink diamonds the Argyle mine also produces a spectrum of coloured diamonds: Blue, Champagne, Pink, Purple Pink, Purplish Red, Red, Pink Rose’, Pink Champagne, and Violet. Often the diamonds that come out of the Kimberley area have small inclusions these are the diamonds fingerprint and connection to its place of origin.

    The latest beauty to come from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia is the “Argyle Violet”.

    It is a stunning 2.38ct, Oval shaped, Violet diamond it is expected to sell for a record $4million or more. It is so rare, Argyle have only produced 12cts of polished violet diamonds in their 32 years of production.

    So next time when you’re thinking of a good solid investment whether it be for superannuation, (self-managed super funds) or a personal investment keep Pink diamonds from the Argyle mine in mind. With an average of 20% growth on your investment P.A. you could say it is a rock solid investment!

    Soklich & Co. Jewellers are honoured to be celebrating fifty-five years in the industry and the team looks forward to many more years crafting the finest bespoke jewellery.