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    Monday, Aug 31, 2015

    Pearl Ring Inspired By Slovenian Coastline

    Jewellery designer and Soklich & Co. owner Lexie Soklich tells of the inspiration behind one of her latest creations - a Broome pearl engagement ring.

    In 2013 Chris, myself and our two little boys lived in Slovenia for six months. Sitting on the old sea wall of the Slovene Riviera in the late afternoon sun, I was inspired to create a pearl ring like none that had existed before.

    Our two good friends Jarrod and Delilah had just been to visit us for two weeks. During this time Delilah, who eagerly wanted to get married to Jarrod, kept hinting about having a large Broome pearl ring as an engagement ring.

    Not long after they left we made a trip to the Slovenian coastline for a day on the beach, where I was inspired by the beauty of the sea to design the final masterpiece. The inspiration I found was a clam shell, the smooth stones that lined the beach, the unique pattern of the waves, and the sunshine reflecting off the top of the waves, leaving a silver outline. After many hours of sketching and changing my mind about the design, the “Delilah Ring” was created.

    Jarrod and Delilah were married in Bali this year and she had a diamond for her engagement ring – not the Delilah ring – as unfortunately we didn’t finish making it until just after her wedding.

    Sorry Delilah, but the beautiful ring has since found a lovely home.