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Ellendale Yellow Diamonds

With the ever increasing popularity of coloured diamonds, namely Argyle Pink Diamonds, is it time for the Yellow Diamond to shine? At Soklich & Co we think so! With Australia’s largest supply of Fancy Yellow Diamonds available for viewing , you will be sure to find the Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond you are searching for. Colours range from fancy light yellow through to the stunning fancy intense and fancy vivid yellows. Soklich & Co’s Yellow Diamond collection from the Ellendale Diamond mine, situated in Western Australia’s Kimberley region, are the only diamonds to come with the “Ellendale Diamond certificate“ to verify their origin. For more info visit the Ellendale Diamonds website – www.ellendalediamonds.com.au. To request information regarding investment opportunities or if you would simply like a Soklich & Co bespoke piece of jewellery featuring Ellendale Yellow diamonds, send an enquiry and one of our qualified diamond specialists will contact you.

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